Showing Up

I show up weekly to hold space for whomever shows up to participate in the experience of caring for themselves moment to moment within guided yoga postures. I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and my practice has evolved into one of embodied inquiry through presence and movement. I usually do yoga postures allowing my body to inform choices through sensation, emotion, just being present to whatever shows up and being curious to notice beyond thoughts and stories...what is happening. Judgement comes and I notice with curiosity. I sink deeper being with, being in, being. When I am guiding participants toward experience each moment I lose every distraction, calling them home to themselves to just be with what is for them right now. There are a few people who have been participating for months in this practice. It is such an honor to be trusted and to witness people experiencing their own being moment to moment. It is a sovereign practice. Empowering. Everyone is welcomed with unconditional positive regard in this experience. It is also very personal and individual. Interestingly, people so far attracted to this class are those who have made difficult choices and suffered. People who want to access themselves from a new perspective. Those who live with challenges and are transforming and deeply expanding their perception. 

Over the years, I have experienced integrated healing on many levels of my being through the evolution of my physical, emotional and spiritual practice. Being deeply present and accepting of what is true for me moment to moment within my practice of yoga postures has made it possible for me to be present in my day to day experience of life.  I have access to understanding and peace and joy beyond anything I have ever conceived or dreamed of.

I am hesitant to show up and share these big hopeful and seemingly privileged words. This is just my experience of healing. I have no great material wealth to prove my success.  I am not in a continuous state of bliss. I am content most of the time with whatever is happening.  I believe the most challenged I have felt is in continuing to offer what I have learned to others, through experiencing, not interpretation.  I have always been good at showing up for others, when they have communicated a specific need and ask me. Showing up for what I have to share, just as myself offering this to others-- is so so so much of a stretch into the discomfort of the unknown for me.  It is also exhilarating when I  begin and let go of those thoughts and concerns, embody presence and allow the bodies in the room to inform my choices moment to moment through the experience of guiding and movement and facilitating awareness.

This work requires all of me and I am so grateful to share it with whomever shows up to participate in their own experience.  Thank you for reading.