I am currently facilitating through corporate wellness programs.

I am also continuing my training and education through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy School to become certified in yoga therapy.

I love showing up and facilitating yoga experiences, period. My day to day work is marketing, sales and advocacy for seniors in need of care. I love my work and I feel good about it. It is not the same as the work it requires to market and sell classes in a yoga studio. It is an edge I struggle with in the area of time and my desire for my offerings not to be about me.

I hold space and facilitate yoga inspired awareness based movement experiences because through the years I have practiced, I have discovered myself, healed from CPTSD and finally chose to live and love. It has taken 20+ years of practicing the 8 limbs of yoga, different modes of therapy and energy healing and so much alignment correction and connection with values and priorities and self care. To me these pretty powerful motivations to share this work. For me it is work. It is hard. It is also amazing. And Beautiful. The capacity to show up as I am every moment and accept what is true for me each moment I am present to. It’s an entirely engrossing, fulfilling and meaningful way to live and move through moments, no matter where I am- being there, whatever, whoever, whenever.

How do I market this?