What is an mbodied yoga facilitated experience?

Group facilitated 8 week themed series in mbodied yoga begin

November 11, 2017

Pricing is based on a 75 minute themed mbodied yoga facilitated experience.
  •  8 week series of themed yoga classes facilitated  to expand student awareness in  body.  Each weekly class builds on the previous weeks theme in awareness.  $ 80.00  
  •  Drop in per 8 week themed class  $12.00
  • Private  individual facilitated experience $ 50.00
    • Includes individual specific class formatting
  • Private group facilitated themed experiences TBD
    •    Bridal parties pre- wedding
    •     Bridal showers/ Baby showers
  •  any special occasion is enhanced  by heightening individual and group collaboration and awareness . The group mbodied yoga facilitated experience brings attendees together in awareness to what is happening each moment prior to a special event, supporting their engaged awareness throughout the event.                          
  • Couples facilitated themed experience $ 75.00 per couple
    • ncludes couple specific class plan formatting

Where are mbodied yoga classes facilitated?

Here is a description of your location.  Suspendisse potenti. Class 

Starting Saturday November 11, 2017
All 8 week themed classes are facilitated at the Cooperative Nu Movement Studio and Gallery located at 716 University Avenue Rochester, NY 14607
All other individual, group and couples mbodied yoga experiences will be decided upon during booking process.