In 1998, when I started practicing yoga, it was a solitary undertaking. It was upon the advice of a specialist, the last one I would see who could not diagnose an all over body pain that had taken over my life. I began my practice out of desperation for relief, not at all believing any would come from moving a body that hurt so badly most of the time. Gradually as I practiced yoga regularly, the pain began to ease until after 4 months it had faded to nothing! I kept practicing in fear that the pain would return if I stopped. I practiced through the fear and started getting curious. Did yoga heal me? Was there anything causing the pain, or was it just all in my mind like some doctors had suggested?

"Was the pain it all in my mind?"

I can honestly tell you today, that it was not. However, for the years this pain remained dormant  and un-diagnosed (12 years) my curiosity about the origin of my pain in its various manifestations has motivated my yoga practice in connection to a deepening understanding of my own body, emotions and thoughts. I believe it is practicing yoga with deep awareness to present experience that opens a channel toward aligning all levels of my embodied being.  Everything is as it is in my practice and more and more, in my life. This I believe allows my body to organically come into the alignment that is best. 

This alignment deeply attunes me as a feeling, thinking and structural being experiencing life, mindfully embodied. Pain is no longer an experience that I actively choose to cover up or  avoid, I explore the messages offered within pain, as I am able.  

Holly has 700 hours of Yoga teaching certifications. Her most recent certification obtained from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy School in Bristol, Vermont, which she credits for integrating her experience informed by her personal 20 year yoga practice with her knowledge informed by her studies in obtaining yoga certifications. She aspires to hold space for people in which they move safely within their awareness of their own bodies.   She continues to study with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy School working toward her certification as a Yoga Therapist.

Holly is a Yoga Service Council member and an International Association of Yoga Therapists member. She is also an Accessible Yoga Ambassador.