Mindfully Embodied Yoga is:    

Facilitated using the Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga model and themes for supporting and encouraging authentic growth through individual experience and integrative practice. 

Built upon a foundation of Unconditional Positive Regard




                                  This yoga experience empowers participants to deepen their individual awareness of being in their own bodies, present to themselves: embodied presence. I coach awareness facilitating simple, safe yoga poses and unconditional positive regard as our foundation for the experience. Participants are empowered to choose what is best for their own individual experience throughout practice. Awareness is facilitated toward individual experience and choice throughout practice. Participants experience what is true for them and move with the possibilities they discover available to them within their inner terrain as well as physical being.

Breath is connected to movement and participants are invited to explore ways their own breath effects change within their own experience. Curiosity is always invited and welcomed as it shows up.

 Facilitating this experience is an honor. I love coaching participants toward  their own experience of embodying  presence, inviting them to be with themselves. Witnessing  individuals experiencing and acknowledging their own worth in their chosen physical expressions of caring for themselves is my only wish as a facilitator of this work .  I know this heals the world in me and I believe this work may possibly heal the world one individual choosing self care at a time.